Monday, 2 May 2016

Mearuring Length

In Measurement we have been measuring the length of different objects using both informal and formal units. We learnt that the unit we use to measure something must be kept the same to get an accurate measurement. We discovered that different units are suited to measure different things. For example a smaller unit would be chosen to measure a small object and a bigger unit would be chosen to measure a big object.

Some of the different units we experimented with were our hands, our feet, blocks, pop-sticks, metre straws and star fish rulers.

To finish off our unit on measurement Mrs Pye cut the lengths of a T-Rex's body, arms, feet, head and teeth out of wool. We chose different units to measure each body part depending on its length. We used a metre straw to measure its body, pop-sticks to measure its head and feet and blocks to measure its arms and teeth.

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