Sunday, 21 February 2016

Introducing our new Talk for Writing story 'Cat, Prickle and Pelican'

Last week we began learning our new Talk for Writing story 'Cat, Prickle and Pelican'. 

On Monday we received a letter from one of the characters in the story asking us if we could help him find his treasure.

At this point we didn't know who Cat was but we were all very excited to help him. 

We searched the classroom very thoroughly, being sure to check every shelf, tray and draw for Cat's missing treasure. After about 5 minutes of searching Jayden found it at the back of red draws. 

When opening the treasure we discovered gold coins as well as some chocolate coins. 
We made sure we returned the bag of gold coins back to the office for cat to collect. 
We kept the chocolate coins of course. 

WhIle eating our chocolate coins Mrs Pye read us a story called 'Cat, Prickle and Pelican'. As we listened we realised that the cat in the story lost a bag of treasure and wondered if it could have been the same cat that we helped. 

After speaking to some students from Room 6 and Room 8 we found out that they had a missing bag of gold in their classrooms that belonged to Pelican and Prickle. 

We were extremely excited to realise that the animals we had helped were from a story. So naturally we wanted to read it again. We created a story map with actions to help us learn it. 

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