Saturday, 6 February 2016

Our First Week in Year 1

We have had a fantastic first week in Year 1. 
We are really enjoying having our own stationery and our own desks! 

On Monday we got to know our new teacher and classmates by playing a get to know you game called 'Spider Web'. We each took it in turns to introduce ourselves, before passing the wool to someone else. This created a huge spider web. We had a lot of fun letting it go when we had finished.

On Tuesday we split into small groups and took turns sharing two things we did in the school holidays. Once we each had our turn we drew and wrote about the two things we shared. 

This week we began our 'Letters and Sounds' work, with a review of three Phase 2 sounds each day. We brainstormed as many words as we could think of for each sound in only 3 minutes. 

After our brainstorms we participated in four rotations. 
This week our rotations were;
1. Blending and segmenting 3-5 letter words with the focus sound.
2. Practising our letter formation of the focus sounds, on laminated handwriting posters.
3. Picture and tricky word bingo games.
4. Print walk (walking around the classroom looking for words with the focus sounds and writing them on whiteboards.) 

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